Founder Spotlight: Sustainable Living with Lindsay McCormick

Here’s something you use every day--toothpaste (hopefully twice a day). And it’s been slowly poisoning the planet for decades. Well, to be clear, we mean the tube that the toothpaste comes in.Toothpas


How to organize a beach clean-up

It’s no secret that plastic is basically the enemy of all species--especially to the ocean--and here’s one way to help: a beach clean-up. Plastic has an effect on everyone, it’s found in 62% of all se… read more

How to Throw a Plastic-free Party

If you’re still purchasing single-use plastic cutlery and cups for your parties, you might want to think again. Plastic can take 10,000 years or more to disintegrate, all the while releasing toxic che… read more

Tips for Camping Sustainably

Go zero waste (or try!)Say no to single-use plastic and opt for reusable options where you can. Plastic will take up to 10,000 years to disintegrate, all the while leeching toxic chemicals into the Ea… read more