Our #BrilliantMoms

Our #BrilliantMoms

Posted by Elaine Tu on Apr 25th 2019

When you think of your mother or mother figure, the memory of her singing to you might come to mind, or of her tending to your scraped knee, or even of her cooking your favorite meal in the kitchen. Moms do so much for us in helping us when we feel weak, to molding us into the people we are today. They may nag and annoy us at times (who's mom doesn't?!), but at the end of the day, they love us unconditionally and that's what matters most. 

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so we decided to really tug at everyone’s heartstrings (hopefully yours, too) by asking our LARQ family to share some fond memories with the mothers in their lives.

“My favorite memories are of my mother baking fresh bread in the kitchen. The aromas would permeate every inch of the house, and my siblings and I would all come running into the kitchen to see what she was baking. Now, when I smell freshly baked bread, it always reminds me of my mom.” - Elaine, Content Marketing Associate

“One great thing about moms is that they always keep you afloat, both figuratively and literally. I am forever grateful to have her in my life.” - Adria, Customer Experience Manager

  1. “#BrilliantMom. Where your mom shines so bright she overshadows her sons. Raising two boys (three if you include Augie dog) and kicking booty. Literally. My mom was the first person at our martial arts school to be awarded the rank of 4th-degree black belt (far surpassing my one) and has been training for 20 years. She's an inspiration to us all and embodies determination, hard work, and a welcoming spirit. Well done mom. She is also an avid painter: @patriciaoji” - Kevin, Director of Business Operations.

“My mom is an optimist and always knows the right advice to give whenever I need it. My mom told me that if I’m ever stuck in a rut, take a trip somewhere and it will change my perspective on things. It keeps me from overthinking and she said it also changes my luck and good things will happen. Sounds a little eerie but I find it to be very true.” - Yvonne, Senior Marketing Communications Manager

“I’m grateful for my mom for molding me into the person I am today with her strength and creative thirst. She always knew when I needed the freedom to grow and the discipline to stick it through a challenge. ” - Justin, Co-Founder and CEO

Whether it's your biological mother, your mother figure, the mother of your children, or a bestie who’s a mom, celebrate with us by sharing your own fond memories. What’s your fondest memory with mom? Tag us in your #BrilliantMom Instagram stories for a chance to be featured on Mother’s Day. 

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