8 Tips on How to Adopt a Healthier Lifestyle with Fitness Gurus @SweatsandtheCity

8 Tips on How to Adopt a Healthier Lifestyle with Fitness Gurus @SweatsandtheCity

Posted by Elaine Tu on Jun 11th 2019

Spring is in full swing, which means summer is just around the corner and we’re starting to feel a little guilty about all those workouts we missed… So naturally, we invited two of our favorite fitness gurus, Elizabeth and Dale from Sweats and the City to give us the inside scoop on how to get fit and stay fit.

Sweats and the City originated as a fitness review platform and has since expanded to all things health and wellness from the perspective of two 20-somethings living in NYC. Their website and Instagram (@sweatsandthecity) serve as inspiration for us to get fit and live healthier lifestyles. Their passion for fitness grew with the launch of Classpass, an app that makes finding and booking studio fitness classes easy. “It inspired us to try a variety of workouts we would have never previously explored. As our eyes opened to the boutique fitness scene, it quickly became a part of our lifestyle.”

Courtesy of @SweatsandtheCity

#1 Don’t compare yourself to others

“Originally, we were pushing ourselves in ways that we felt we had to versus what we actually enjoyed and worked for our bodies. It took some time for us to figure this out. Trial and error!” Comparing yourself to others or listening to any of the “fitness scene” noise out there is not the way you want to go, according to E & D. Instead, do what’s right for your body.

#2 Develop a sustainable fitness practice

“More isn’t always more! It’s important to listen to your body, take rest days, and know that just because something is “high intensity” doesn’t mean it will always yield better results. It’s important to think long term. If you’re just starting out, try something lighter like yoga or a slower pilates class ... anything to get your body moving and into a routine! If you go from hardly ever working out to Barry’s Bootcamp several times a week, you will likely burn out.”

#3 Find something you enjoy

“If you want fitness to become part of your lifestyle, it’s so critical to find something you enjoy, otherwise, you won’t stick with it!”

#4 Restriction and diets are not sustainable or health

“We keep it [our eating habits] simple and balanced, focusing on lots of whole foods and cooking at home when we can. At the same time, we also see value in enjoying meals out and making sure to treat ourselves!” Some of E & D’s go-to meals during busy schedules are alternative pasta (chickpea or lentil ‘noodles’, hearts of palm pasta, etc.), oven-baked fish, and air-fried vegetables. Check out some of E & D’s easy recipes!

#5 Work out your core

“We love a core workout! Working your core is so important for the long term health of your body and muscles, and is not just for aesthetics. Pilates is amazing for the core--all the planking, pikes and moves on the reformer takes tons of effort to stabilize your core, and can really strengthen it.”

#6 Weight loss starts with what you eat

“We don’t believe in any quick workout fixes or crash diets to lose weight...our focus is on sustainable practices! We believe it’s important to properly nourish your body and keep things balanced. Everyone’s base weight looks totally different, too, so it’s important not to buy into any machines or equipment that tell you you’ll get a 6-pack in 30 days.” Having a balanced diet lays the foundation for weight loss, while workouts will help burn calories and build muscle tone.

#7 Cardio may not be the answer to weight loss

But it can be the answer to a healthy heart according to E & D. “In regards to cardio, we don’t do this for weight loss. Personally, we’ve actually found it to actually make us hungrier! We incorporate it in our routine because 1) it makes us feel good to really sweat, and 2) for other amazing benefits like your heart.”

#8 If you get bored with workouts

Boredom can make you unmotivated to continue your fitness journey. The remedy for this, according to E & D, is to keep exploring different types of studios. “We love dance cardio to bring us out of a workout funk, it keeps things fun and makes the time pass so quickly.”

While we’re all on the edge of our seats for a huge secret here, trust us, the secret to getting fit is being mindful of what you eat and doing what’s right for your body. It can become a fun thing for you to do to break the cycle of eating, sleeping, and working. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and take some fitness classes to find what suits you!